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Oak Ridge Electric & Control, LLC is a full service electric and controls company based in Washington, NJ. Since opening in 1988, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. 

Oak Ridge Electric & Control has extensive experience in control system integration and design in the areas of:

•Process control including experience in Research & Development
•Wastewater & Supply water treatment
•Air handling 
•Paging and communications systems
•High speed packaging
•Boiler / fire control
•Material handling
•Power generation.

Project Management
Manage small and large projects for control systems.

Oak Ridge Electric & Control works with engineers, line managers, operators, & process technicians to define process needs in the design and implementation of projects and, supply detailed documentation and operator training.

Oak Ridge Electric & Control continues to deliver systems that function to the specifications & the owners desire at start up based on this approach.

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