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Oak Ridge Electric & Control, LLC IT Solutions
The experienced staff at Oak Ridge Electric & Control, LLC are experts in the following:
•     Wired Networks
•     Wireless Networks
•     Fiber Optic Systems
•     Video Security

Contact an Oak Ridge Electric & Control representative to walk you through the services offered to our industrial, commercial, and institutional customers for the installation, service and repair of these systems. Oak Ridge Electric & Control has certified fiber optic technicians and certified fiber optic specialists on staff and ready to assist you. Oak Ridge has over 15 years of experience designing, installing, repairing & troubleshooting fiber optic installations. From cutting cables, fiber optic backbone design, to new installations, we can handle any of your fiber optic needs. 
Our installations have consisted of single-site large warehouses, retail spaces, multi-floor buildings, education facilities, campus wide building connectivity and fiber to the desk/FTTx. We provide both underground & aerial Fiber Optic installations. Our  Certified Fiber Specialists can design a cost effective fiber optic solution for your company.

Fiber Optic Services
Fiber Optic Cable Installation
Expert Fusion Splicing
Single and Multi Mode
Initial Design & Planning
MDF/IDF Placement & Build outs & Rebuilds
Testing & Certification
Fiber Optic Cable Repair
Multi-site Connectivity
Underground & Aerial Installations

Ask Oak Ridge Electric & Control, LLC about documenting your undocumented network. In the event of a disaster Oak Ridge Electric & Control, LLC can have your documented network up and running in a much shorter time than one without the proper documentation. 

Contact an Oak Ridge Electric & Control, LLC representative for an estimate to document your undocumented systems.