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Industrial and Commercial Control Systems

 Oak Ridge Electric & Control, LLC has extensive experience in control system integration, design and trouble shooting in the areas of:
•Process control including Research & Development
•Wastewater & Supply water treatment
•Air handling 
•Paging and communications systems
•High speed packaging
•Boiler / fire control
•Material handling
•Power generation.

​Project Management
Oak Ridge Electric & Control is experienced in the management of small and multi-million dollar 
projects for control systems.

Electrical Control Panel Building

Turning Technology into Performance

Stay ahead of the competition by extracting profitable data from your manufacturing process with factory floor and plant automation. Oak Ridge Electric & Control is a full service integrator that specializes in design, specification, installation and service for control automation systems. We are your complete solution — from hardware to interface, we help you reach your organizations goals.

We Integrate Automation Solutions With:
•Programmable Logic Controllers
•Human Machine Interfaces
•Supervisory Control & Data Acquisitions (SCADA)
•Simple to Complex Enterprise System Interfaces
•Paperless Manufacturing Data Collection Systems

Is Automation Your Next Step To Profitability?

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