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Generac Standby Generators

Founded in 1959, Generac was the first to engineer affordable home standby generators, along with the first engine developed specifically for the rigors of generator use, and is now the #1 manufacturer of home standby generators. Generac manufactures the widest range of power products in the marketplace including portable, residential, commercial and industrial generators. Generac is also the leading designer and manufacturer of manual and fully automatic transfer switches and accessories for backup power applications up to 50 kW.
Generac also pioneered the residential power washer category, putting the power to clean into the hands of homeowners. Today, Generac features a full line of innovative, industry-leading power washers suitable for virtually any application, including the toughest commercial and industrial environments.
Generac is committed to developing a long term vision that promotes environmentally responsible products, processes, and partnerships. We offer product options that allow our customers to shrink their ecological footprint when backup energy use is required. Manufacturing processes are implemented with the goal of minimizing environmental impact by reducing the amount of materials used and emissions produced. Partnerships are sought with organizations and stakeholders to further the development of sustainable technologies. By adhering to these principles we strive to be a positive contributor of sustainable growth in our industry.

Oak Ridge Electric & Control, LLC is there to provide residential and commercial customers with all the help they need with the installation, maintenance, and repair of standby generators. Give us a call today to learn more about this highly useful power source.

Oak Ridge Electric & Control, LLC offers reasonably priced generator sets up to 100 KW with manual or automatic transfer switches.

Home Generators
Live a worry-free lifestyle and protect your house against power outages with the #1 selling backup generator on the market. The American Red Cross recommends permanently installed standby generators for emergencies to provide backup power, safety and peace of mind in times of need. Residential generator systems start automatically within seconds of a power outage and provide 24/7 protection to you and your home no matter where you are. There is no hassle during an outage the systems turn themselves off when the utility power returns. To find out more information on how Oak Ridge Electric & Control, LLC can help you select the Generac propane or natural gas generator for your situation or call us at (908) 689-4525 to schedule a free site evaluation to determine the correct size and location for your standby generator.

Portable Generators
For power anywhere, anytime, look no further! For recreational or professional use, Generac portable generator systems will get you the power you need when and where you need it. With a portable hookup to natural gas and no need for extension cords, portable generators are becoming a more permanent backup power solution. Contact us today for a consultation.
Commercial Generators
Don’t risk losing thousands of dollars in revenue due to a power outage – protect your business today with a Generac commercial generator system. We have the first natural gas and LP-fueled standby generators powerful enough to backup your entire business at an unbeatable price. With sizes ranging from 22kw to 150kw, we’re sure to find the right liquid cooled generator for you. Our team of professionals will provide engineering, installation and ongoing maintenance for your commercial generator system so you’re worry-free!

Mobile Power Generators
Mobile generator systems are handy as a temporary power supply for your secondary power operations, such as a small business or to power a construction site. Generac Mobile Power generators have transfer switches for emergency backup power and are conveniently towable.

If you already own a portable or stand by generator please contact Oak Ridge Electric & Control, LLC to be sure your equipment is ready for  the storm season.

To be sure your portable generator is connected to your electrical panel correctly and to the electrical code, contact Oak Ridge Electric & Control, LLC. 
Oak Ridge Electric & Control, LLC stocks a wide verity of generator interlock kits for your portable generators if they are not already installed..​
The Atlantic Storm Season is June 1 through November 30

When Mother Nature is in command of the weather, there is little you can to do control it. Yet, you can control staying ahead of the storm season and preparing for the unexpected. Standby generators are meant to automatically kick in, providing the needed power to circuits in the event utility power is interrupted. Contact a representative from Oak Ridge Electric & Control, LLC to be sure you are prepared for anything that Mother Nature will throw at you. 
Generac Generator Installation, Service & Repair